Member’s guidelines

  1. Members must be 18+ to join the group
  2. Members should support members, both on stage and off stage.
  3. Look after and respect your venue when you are performing or learning.
  4. Respect physical boundaries and don’t do anything physically dangerous to yourself or your scene partner. Everyone has the option to stop a scene or workshop at any time.
  5. Respect sexual boundaries, on and off stage.
  6. Help us to create an environment free from harassment of any kind.
  7. Risky subject matter in scenes, characters with unpleasant viewpoints, and human/society/political issues can be tackled on stage if that is the artistic choice of the group, as long as the scene is to be treated with full emotional intelligence and the themes and moral implications of those viewpoints fully explored in the ongoing story in an intelligent manner (see section at bottom of this page for examples).
  8. Please no drug use or excessive drinking before performances or workshops.
  9. We do not tolerate physical abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, bullying, sexual harassment or abuse or harassment of any kind. Anyone who is abusive, bullying or harassing may be asked to leave our venue and may be barred from returning and performing again.
  10. The group has a WhatsApp group to communicate about events. Nobody will be added to the WhatsApp group without their consent. Being in the WhatsApp group does not mean you have consent to message individually privately, please speak to them beforehand (You will be invited to the WhatsApp if you attend the workshops).

Membership Fees

  • We want all to be able access our group and aim to break down financial barriers. If a member would like to join or continue to be part of the group but is unable to because of their financial situation, the group will support them with free entry to workshops and jams.
  • To continue to make the group accessible the committee will decide if to put prices up for workshops and Jams. The price is currently £3 per meeting, with the first session being free to encourage new members to try improv for the first time. This will only be done if the group is running at a loss.